Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All This Useless Beauty (or, Finally It's Over!) & Dub Step

I must love this title for a blogpost (also an Elvis Costello song title) because it autofills when I type it. A combination of events have had a snowball effect of making me not only okay with not deploying this season but GLAD I didn't deploy this season (wtf you say!!!). Yup, deep down I knew how childish and wrong headed it was to have the internal stance of arms tightly crossed, aggressively pouting, and announcing to EVERYONE on the PLANET (hello internets!) how UNFAIR it was that I was missing seasons on the Ice. Number one, I was choosing not to go and this was a big piece of reality I was denying. Number two, it is starting to snow & I have a job that will start at the ski resort soon (mountain groomer hell yeah), and the two most exciting things evargh: James F. from my first season on Ice reconnected with me....and, I found Skrillex.

Now these last two things happened almost simultaneously...Jim wrote me out of the blue, four years after an e-mail exchange where he appeared entrenched in matrimonial bliss and family life, where he revealed his status as single, and I wasted no time in pushing us towards a reunion. I was watching a concert documentary called Made in America by Jay-Z which had a lot of great new and older artists but when I saw the few minutes of Skrillex's set I felt that way I did in 1974 when I was riding in a car and heard Born to Run for the first time: my whole sad past melted away and I caught a glimpse of freedom and excitement and a musician that could not only provide me with endless hours of joy, but also help steer the direction of my life. So I went to iTunes and youtube & listened/watched everything I could of his and bought some tunes and barreled down the hi-way bass dropping my tiny throbbing car down the highway with just a handful of his songs being enough to push my sternum towards my bowels.

It was always the beat that got me...when I first discovered punk rock I didn't really care about (and couldn't understand) the lyrics - it was that fast beat that I could vibrate with. Not to say I don't love passionate lyric driven music, I can really get lost in Gillian Welch and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but it's not so much the lyrics and the mournful mood. But when I'm jonesin' for some adrenalin powered live music it has to be the beat...I have been looking for something new now that the Gourds have disbanded and I only get to see the Riverboat Gamblers once a year - and I found it. I haven't been this excited about an artist since Marah, but the unfortunate part is that, unlike Marah, Skrillex has to play in gigantic arenas because he is so famous now.

Saturday I go find out what my schedule is going to's going to be an interesting winter, living on the mountain for the first time, starting a new job, and feeing kissed by the Universe.

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