Monday, April 7, 2008

To Be Old is To Be New Again

Ah the luxury of an anonymous blog! I am middle aged, and stricken by how young and hip I still feel or think I am. When I was in my 20's I thought of someone my age as decrepit, asexual, crickly, on their way out. I feel bursting with romantic desires and unfulfilled passions - I have had many adventures encompassing the world travel, sexual and chemical experimentation realm, but nothing prepared me for the vast open space of middle age. Without all those neurotic habits to occupy my time I find I can recreate my life (again). The capacity for human renewal amazes me: I'm near 50 and feel like I'm just getting started in some areas. The title of this blog is fetching, no? It came upon me during the many hours I have spent pondering the unique demographic I'm in (single, childfree, still foxy, not young). I was searching for a forum for other women like me to bond in and share ideas. A lot of stuff geared for women my age is too yuppie and those glossy magazines like "More" feel like they are playing it too safe for me. I wanted something more punk rock because that is what I was 30 years ago when it began. I ride a motorcycle and had put on my helmet one day and before I got on the bike I came back into the house and forgot what I came in for and sat down to look at something my roommate was watching on TV. He said, "dude, why are you watching TV in your helmet!" And I thought about the visual of me sitting on a couch in a half shell watching PBS news hours with my skull print sox on and the words "menopause helmet" were uttered from my lips. I thought it was funny and needs no explaining. If your in my demographic and "More" is too coddling and "Bust" is too young, gimme something - tawk to me...

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